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Ron(formerly Tangle)

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Generally, as the range the range increases, any shortcomings in the ammo or rifle system start to show up more significantly. Inconsistencies, instabilities, drift, etc. all become bigger influences on accuracy as ranges increase.

I think 200 yards might be a soft limit for a .223 40 gr bullet. Beyond 200 yards, all the external ballistics get kinda nasty and the retained energy is pretty low.

However, the Fiocchi 40 gr VMAX has more energy at at 200 yards than a .22 magnum does at the muzzle - just as a reference.

So perhaps the big question is how is the accuracy of the 40 gr at 200 yards and I have an answer for that:

David Armstrong

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I'm with you on this.  I don't worry about the accuracy nearly as much as I do the terminal effects of the lighter rounds at a distance.  I've always had good luck with Fiocchi myself.
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