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Come on, we have all participated at least once in the old internet thread about the mythical one gun for all uses. Someone somewhere gets bored and starts up another new thread about what gun you would choose if you could only have one. Then sits back and watches the fireworks, usually with a nice large bowl of popcorn and a lovely beverage. 

Here is a version of that thread , hopefully different enough not to be scorned completely and hopefully to just maybe cause a bit of thought. 

Ok, IF I could only have one firearm  for every purpose, ,say for a pandemic virus spreading world wide with the resultant quaranteens, and maybe eventually things get worse and there is a bit of civil unrest, or the predators of the world start becoming more emboldened or desperate, or just my neighbor John desperate for food for his children and not thinking real clear and making a poor life choice and becomes a home invader. 

Well, having been an observer most of my life I have noticed that people seem to be on edge more than ever in this country, road rage incedents are common place, and now with the things happening, even fights in the aieles of the local grocery store over toilet paper. Seems that people are walking powder kegs these days. Add to that the epidemic drug use and all the resultant violence and crime from it, I once postulated to my wife that in some way shape or form drug use is probably somewhere in about 70 percent of crime, and danger is something we must prepare for daily. Yeah I know, preaching to the choir. 

SO, given all that, I firmly believe that the best answer to the old one gun saw is a concealed carry handgun.The simple reasoning for it is that in the course of day to day life, especially in uncertain times, the best weapon is the one you have on you, every single day, 24/7. No, it wont be better for home defense, a shotgun or AR might be better, but, day in day out, when you have to live life, and be out of your abode, a concealed handgun is your best friend. Open carry is some peoples choice, but to me, that is giving away too much information, and perhaps in uncertain times keeps me out of someplace I may need to get. No other weapon is faster to your defense than your personal carried weapon. 

Now I wont even get into what that may be except to say any handgun you can reasonably carry in any conditions or clothing you may expect to be in for say maybe the next year. Whatever that may be, be it tiny pocket pistol, or even a Beretta 92, that would be your choice. And is, over the course of bad times it will be more likely to save you than any other weapon. 

To me, that means a smaller handgun, even though I am a big guy, I still want to be able to wear tshirts and jeans, maybe even shorts, in summer. My personal choice would probably be something like my SW 60 in a Foxx holster Lil Fox. 



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I like it
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Urban/suburban areas, assuming we are still going about our business and the world is at least partially civilized but a strong undercurrent of bad juju right around the corner?  Easy for me, my Gen 2 Glock 17 or the Glock 19.  Similar reasoning...I can carry it all day without too much trouble and it is always handy for me.  I pick it over any other handgun because of reliability, capacity, durability and how easy it is to work on and keep going.  Works well for concealed in an IWB holster, works well in open carry.  Besides, throw a CAA Roni in the vehicle and you get an adequate shoulder weapon as a bonus.
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