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When was the last time you checked on your emergency supplies?   I just did and I sure let some things go.

Here are some ideas.   If you go camping that is a perfect way to cycle some of your emergency food supply.   Eat it up in camp and restock with newer items.  Or just make meals out of it like you would if there was an emergency and replace it with new items.

Go through your pantry and check dates on items.  Eat them up and replace them with newer items. I found multiple items out of date and used them to mix with the dog food.  The pack loved it, especially the Chili.

Start pulling ammo out of your stash for range time and replace it with newer ammo.

Check your solar charger now that it is summer.  Charge up batteries and use them to see how long they are lasting in your flash lights and lanterns.  If the are not lasting replace them.

Use the fuel you have stored now, in the lawn mower, weed eater or even dump it in your tank and replace it before summer prices go up.

Glow sticks have expiration dates on them.  Check them and use if they are expired. Use up the bug repellent and replace that also.

All of us have potable water on hand that some of you may not have even thought of.  Your Hot Water Tank.  I have an 80 Gal tank and a 30 gal blater tank in the crawl space.   I haven't drained either tank in about a year so that is going to be done this week.  You need to remove sediment that way.  

Some of my Emergency long term storage food in 12 years old.   I will eating a lot of it for lunch over the next year and replacing it.   I know, it has a 25 year shelf live but at my age the food I replace it with will last longer then me.  

I have bundles of Baby Wipes stored for personal bathing in an emergency.  I gave a few to a friend who knew a family that had twins and not a lot of money.   Those things will ensure you can stay clean and not have to use up your water supply.   Don't let them get to old or they could dry out. 

Check your emergency medical supplies.  Over the counter Medications all have expiration dates.  I try to cycle them but don't use them much so I just throw them out.   Store brands won't bankrupt you so keep them all fresh.

If you have so tips please share them.   We have been very fortunate for many years and our lucky streak is bound to come to and soon and some hard times coming.  Maybe not in my life time but in my children's for sure.  I stay prepared and so do they.

JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
Mossberg LE Armorer

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JD ... +1 on checking expirations dates, on everything from medications to ammo. It's easy to lose track of shelf life in the pantry, medicine cabinet, or ammo shelf.
David Armstrong

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As a FWIW, most expiration dates on dried and canned food are irrelevant.  There is no federal standard for it and most food is good well beyond the expiration date.  The "use by" date is when the factory feels the food will be at its maximum level of flavor and consistency.  So your canned corn may lose 1% of its nutritional value per year after the expiration date, but it is still perfectly safe to eat.  Your guide should be what does the food look/smell/taste like.  If it looks, smells and tastes normal it is probably OK.  Much the same thing with most medications, BTW.  The expiration date on most prescription meds is 1 year from purchase date no matter what.  With the exception of a very few antibiotics, however, the meds are just fine.  They do lose some potency over an extended  time period but again they will not harm you at all and will still work, only with a lowered effectiveness.

Regarding water bladders, I have one that fits in your bathtub and holds 100 gallons.  We keep it ready for use but don't plan on filling it until there is a need.  A couple of those big blue water barrels will hold treated tap water virtually indefinitely, and we do keep one of them (60+ gallons) full on the back porch.

Regarding ammo, I stole an idea from the Israelis with their sealed battle packs.  If you have one, or can borrow from a friend, a vacuum sealer will let you make your own airtight sealed battle pack.  Keep them in the house (controlled temp) and in an ammo can, the ammo should last far longer than you or I will.  The vacuum sealer is great for lots of other things...use your imagination.

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I started doing this a couple months ago, its amazing how some stuff slid to the back and kind of forgotten. Found quite a bit of .22 lr and 12 guage ammo in  couple cans that were packed around 2000. Some emergency food in car kits was way outdated to.

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Just my two cents here. David Armstrong is correct. I just ate some canned food that had expired 4 years ago. Was excellent. If it's sealed in a can it's good to go as long as the can isn't bulged or compromised.
I keep a mental note and use what we have and replace it as we use it.
 Fuel gets cycled out every 6 months. Always have a decent supply of water on hand plus a stream in the back yard with redundant filtering systems. 
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