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As anyone reading this know the letters "AR" appearing before the AR-16 or Civilian AR-15 stand for "Amorlite Rifle".   People in the business in order to booster sales called them "Assault Rifles" which of course they are not.  This term prevailed till we faced the real possibility of these rifles being banned Nation wide by his Royal Assholiness Emperor Barrack.  All of a sudden they because "Sporting Rifles"

As an FFL Dealer I get sent to me (without asking) the Industry publications.    I scan through a few of them looking for info to put on this forum.    What I am see now is a new term for the AR.   It is "Modern Sporting Rifle" now and is no longer an AR.  Same rifle in the same calibers but now has a softer modern name.   So, we as an Industry have caved into the political correctness that runs amuck in this country.

I know very few people who use these guns as "Sporting Rifles".    These "Modern Sporting Rifles" are use for hunting in a limited degree.  A few Coyote Hunters up here use them but most prefer bolt guns.  But yes in some parts of the country they are used more.  And yes, target shooting is "Sporting Use" also.   I don't target shoot, I train with my Defense Guns.

I have no AR.  Being an old Jar Head I have an M1A Squad.   This is not a "Modern Sporting Rifle".  This is a civilian M14.   I don't have it for home defense.   I don't have it for hunting.  I don't have it for sport shooting.  I don't have it for competition.   I have it because I firmly believe what Thomas Jefferson said.   He said "A well armed Citizenry is essential to protect against a government gone astray". 

Now some would say my above statement makes me a "Right Wing Extremist".   They are not only wrong, they are idiots.   My statement above simply indicates the belief in the Constitution of the United States and the intent of that document by the founding fathers.   The addition of the 2nd amendment was so that Americans could always protect themselves from enemies whether foreign or domestic with domestic including their own government.

Why do we not stand our ground.   We are in the right as our right to Keep and Bare Arms is in the Constitution.   Why was there not an uprising when the NFA was passed as it violated the constitution in that is was the largest "Infringement" or our 2nd Amendment rights ever passed into law.   Imagine what $200 was in 1934 and how that law prohibited the common man from owning certain guns that of course were being used by criminals but not by law abiding citizens.  How is it that our own government and all these "Constitutional Scholars" like Barrack was supposed to be don't understand the meaning of the term "Shall not be Infringed"?

So here we are 80+ years late bound by even more restrictive laws.   Many states have laws making ownership of certain guns impossible.   States have capacity bands and bans on the way the weapons are loaded.   These law do not impact crime in anyway yet that is the rational they use to pass them.

We are also caving into the political correctness even by the terms we use to describe guns that we have every legal right to own.   "Modern Sporting Rifle" is just the start.   I suggest that since we are going to bow and cave we target (excuse me for using an aggressively offence word like target) the Tech Savoy Modern Society we live in.   Lets drop the terms gun and firearm all together.   Let's call them " Mechanical Combustible Defense Devices".   MCDD's.

JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
Mossberg LE Armorer

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When I saw the title, I thought you meant you caved in to Political Correctness......[rofl]

Like That would ever happen.
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