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Originally Posted by combatshotgun
No problem, you can confused me with Entropy as I am sure he is better looking then me and for sure has a better Monitor.  Just don't insult the man by confusing him for me as that would be a major slap down to the man of such a serious nature the insult to him would be that he would have to come find you.

Back in the '70 a man goes into "Ford Motor Credit Company" in Jacksonville Florida and begins shooting.   The first call to 911 stated a man was shooting people with an AK-47.  After killing several people he did the right thing and killed his self with a handgun.   The only long gun he had or used was a Universal M1 Carbine, but because of the banana style clip and ignorance of firearms it was reported as an AK-47.   These two guns look nothing alike but the AK was the bogyman of that time period.

I would venture to say the uninformed would call my "AIP Tactical 20Ga Elite Model" an Assault Rifle also.


No problem. I've been called worse! [smile] When they made the movie version of that incident, (Cadillac Man, with Robin Williams and Tim Robbins) they used an AK-47. It was more of a comedy than the real incident. 
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