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I know nothing about Damascus Steel and would like to ask the knife guys here what is the best way to sharpen it.   Should one use a stone or some other sharpener?

Would the Lansky systems work with this steel?    If a stone is best would you finish it with ceramic?

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Any knife sharpening system will work. As with any steel there are various hardness levels in Damascus, depending upon a ton of variables, steel types, quenching temperature etc. The biggest thing with Damascus you need to be careful of is the pattern you see. That is gained by dipping in acid which effects he different steel types differently, which brings the patterns into view. This visible pattern can be scratched, washed out, and even polished off completely if you try hard enough. So whatever type of method you use, be careful not to slip or move the abrasive edge of the system up onto the blade and mar your pretty surface 

 Probably, the best type of system is one with a lot of control like a Lansky system over a freehand method. 
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