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Good stuff.   I knew there was a reason I didn't like them.   Stuck with a bunch of DM mags on my store but they will sell eventually.

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One thing I don't see mentioned much, is the ability to QUICKLY change loads in the middle of an engagement,  like if you're loaded with buckshot, but suddenly are confronted with a situation that buckshot won't solve, like a 50 yard (or longer) problem.  If you're carrying slugs on you, or on the gun, it's a simple matter to slide a slug into the mag tube, and cycle the action, and you have a single ball for a more precise shot at a longer distance.  Sure, you just pumped your buckshot shell out onto the deck, but you can come back and pick it up later.   I teach two ways to do this, but the simplest, easiest and most fumble free is the one I just described.   Try that with a DM pump gun!  You'd have to dump the mag first, then hit the slide release to eject the round in the chamber, then throw in a slug. you have a single shot weapon where you're single loading one shell at a time until you get a mag back in place.  Meanwhile, what have you done with the mag you just ejected, or did you take the time to secure it BEFORE you did the load exchange?  
This stuff is what training brings to the game, and why most of us aren't buying the DM shotgun argument.   
JD said it, we've learned to fight with tube fed pump shotguns for over a hundred years, and know not to let gear that might be ok for competition or hunting affect our collective experience. 
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