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Most all departments prohibit this type of light.   I also will not recommend them.   The reasons are very serious.   If they disorient the person they are being shined at then they disorient the person using them.   Movement appears as a jerky motion and it can appear to an Officer that the person is reaching for a weapon, or worse the person can be reaching for a weapon and the Officer will not realize it due to the strobe light being used.   Where confronting or being confronted by a potential threat you have to sell all.  You can not be distracted in any way and a strobe distracts you. They are dangerous to the user.  Some Officers still carry these lights when allowed to and hope it does not cause them harm.

I will also bring up that the irresponsible advertising of these so called "Military Grade Tactical Light" companies is causing some people to believe they can defend themselves with a flashlight and therefor have no need a firearm for personal defense.  I was actually told that by someone and chose not debate her on the subject and simply said "Good luck with that".  See I worry that gross stupidity may be an airborne virus and simply being in close proximity to someone saying such stupid shit that some of the air they exhale can contaminate me.  Since I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer to start with I have to be very careful.  So once I determine that someone is an idiot, PETA, Democrat, bigot or any of the other useless humans on the planet, I smile and walk away.  

I did however explain the above to business associate who I knew was reasonable enough to listen.   I first pointed out the obvious that they only work at night.   I then explained that anyone getting a light shined in their face instinctively holds the palm of their hand up to block it.   A perp a few feet from you will do that, focus on your body that is visible to hem below their hand then rush you and body slam you.  Since these lights are not big enough to be used like the famous duty light/baton Mag lights of old the perp will not be able beat you to death with it but will steal your light and anything else you have.

He got it and is taking the CCW in September.

I also had another idiot, yes there are many among us, that he has a laser pointer and can simply point that at the person and they will think he has a gun.   I replied " He sure will and he will pull his and shoot you dead and walk on it for justifiable homicide cause he believed you were pointing a gun at him".  The idiot just gave me that deer in the head lights look.   If he leaves us due to his own folly it will not be a bad thing and in fact may be a good thing as he is a young man and may breed other idiots and his removal from the gene pool may be a benefit to all mankind.

JD McGuire, Owner
AI&P Tactical, LLC
Remington LE Armorer
Mossberg LE Armorer

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A Darwin Award waiting to happen. Strobes would probably give me flashbacks, anyhow, so I'll pass on them. 

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I do not carry lights with strobes, in fact, I dislike lights with multiple settings for what is terms a tac light or combat light. The lone exception being the light which has a user selected interface. I do not want to have to scroll thru multiple settings to get to high, I do not want to accidently put the light on low beam when using a momentary flash picture. I want a light which switches on in high, and stays in high even when using the momentary button to flash the light for a second at a time.

Disorienting the user is one reason I dislike both strobes, and too high of intensity lights, especially when used indoors or in or around thick foliage. Side splash and reflection off walls and foliage can be as blinding to the user as the intended target. I prefer lights in the 300 and lower range rather than the 1000 lumen monsters of today. They provide plenty of light, yet do not have the dangerous reflection of the high intensity lights, at least to my eyes, your mileage may vary.  

My main "tac" lights are the older Inova T series single function lights, with the Shining Beam I-Mini being my carry tac light. The Shinging beam can have a lot of light levels but it stays in the one you select until you unscrew the bezel and switch it. Another reason I like my Shining Beam is the dual bodies and ability to run off both CR123s and AA batteries. 

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I had a strobe light in my room as a child. Pillow fights were...interesting. you saw the other person standing there one blink, and the next blink the pillow was already in motion and an inch from your face. 

Why give your opponent 50% total time in the dark in which to act?
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