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First off let me say this category should have been here since day one.  The Modern Air Guns are not the Daisy and Benjamin got topump it 8 times guns that we grew up with.  There were very powerful Air Rifles back in those days but they were very expensive.   Today their are great options in the Market and these guns are quite capable for hunting, pest control and precision target shooting. 

So I want to start off this post and show the Rifle I just got for my Friends son.  I bought him his first BB gun at 8 and he just turned 11 and I wanted to upgrade it.   So I got him the Winchester M-14 Model.   This is a problem because now I want one and will add one for me to my next Sports South Order.

It is a remarkable copy of my favorite rifle the M-14.  You will understand when you get down to the picture of it.    The 700 FPS concerned me but he is very responsible and there has been no issues with his Red Rider BB gun.   I like the fact it has the same sights as the M-14 as he will become proficient with peep sights.   He can already use them and is very good with my AR-7.    The trigger feel is even a little like a Military staged trigger so that will benefit him once he is big enough to shoot my M1A or my Garand.  The safety is like the M-14 also.  The fact that it is semi-auto will also teach him about reloading as after 8 rounds he has to reverse the magazine and after 8 more reload.   I have a 25 pack of C02 and 6,000 rounds of BB's so any of that is gone he will have to buy his own out of his allowance which will teach him about the cost of ammo as well.  For now he will only shoot BB's and once he proves his skill and that he is safety minded he can move up to pellets.  I found a You Tube video which shows the rifle better then I can.   I will also post pics of one happy boy when he gets to shoot it.


Here is the Video

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This is cool! Now I want one!
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